Scania AXL – a robotic truck concept that shows us the future of mining

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Scania AXL Robot Truck

Without a doubt, the world is moving towards a future in which all cars will be completely self-driving. And confirmation of this is the concept of the truck-robot AXL of the well-known company Scania, which does not even have a driver's cabin and which is intended for use in the mining industry. Note that Scania already has robotic trucks in its assets, but they all have a cab in which there is always a person who is ready to take control in an emergency. But the new external logistics system, under whose control AXL trucks will operate, is so reliable that it eliminates the need to have a person on safety net and, as a result, a driver’s cab.

The lack of a driver's cabin allowed designers to make better use of the available space, allocating it to increase the cargo compartment. In addition, the absence of a cab, manual controls and associated equipment makes the AXL cheaper to manufacture. Also, the lack of a person can save on safety equipment and driver safety systems.

Scania AXL # 2 Robot Truck

Despite the fact that the AXL is so far only a concept, Scania's designers have incorporated only those technologies that are available today. As conceived by the designers, AXL uses biofuels, and “senses” the outside world through several cameras, radars, LiDAR laser scanners and a GPS satellite system. A strip of lamps or LEDs is laid along the edge of the AXL car body, which makes the car more visible and indicates emergency red flashes when it detects a person in dangerously close proximity to itself.

Of course, the AXL car is not ready for independent movement in the chaotic environment of city streets. But the situation in the places of mining or construction sites is simpler, more predictable and controllable, and a sufficiently powerful control system is quite capable of managing the control of several AXL robotic trucks at once.

The first prototype AXL trucks will soon begin to undergo real field trials. And only a matter of time is when such cars will begin to be mass-produced and will become available to interested customers.

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