Zalman x3 white

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Zalman X3 White is a midi tower case. Made of aluminum, tempered glass and plastic. The design weighs 9.1 kg. Thus, it is one of the heaviest cases in its class, which should guarantee its high rigidity and reliability.

Inside will fit full-sized ATX-format boards and 350 mm-long graphics cards. There is also a place for installing water radiators up to 360 mm long. Supporters of traditional processor cooling have 175 mm of free space. There should be no problems with heat removal even from the most powerful components. Efficient air circulation is provided by four pre-installed fans RGB LED (RFD120A) with a diameter of 120 mm.

Three of them pump cool air inside the case, and the fourth removes hot air from the processor area. People for whom such a set will be insufficient will be able to install two more fans on the top wall.

Inside the Zalman X3 White, you can install up to seven separate expansion cards and four 2.5 ”drives. The built-in I / O panel has output standard connectors (USB, mini-jack), as well as a button for controlling the LED backlight. RGB LEDs have all the pre-installed fans, as well as two strips mounted on the top wall.

The developers did not forget about dust filters in vulnerable areas of the case, convenient access for cooling the processor and the possibility of tool-free component installation.

The Zalman X3 White case has a large, transparent side panel made of tempered glass. It allows you to look inside the case, in which all components look spectacular thanks to the LED lighting coolers.

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