Astronomers have suggested that the mysterious ninth planet may be a small black hole

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Black hole

We remind our readers that a few years ago a group of scientists of astronomers put forward the theory of the existence of the still undiscovered planet of the solar system, "Planet 9" or "Planet X". This cold planet is located in the depths of space far beyond the orbit of Neptune, and its existence is indicated by the mass of anomalies that arise in the trajectory of movement of some space objects located at the "margins" of our system. And recently, several scientists have suggested that Planet X may actually not be a planet, in their opinion, this space object may be a small black hole, the mass of which is comparable to the mass of a large planet.

The data calculated by analyzing the trajectories of some trans-Neptune space objects indicate that the mass of Planet 9 is approximately 15 times the mass of the Earth, and its trajectory lies in the range from 45 billion to 150 billion kilometers from the Sun. At such a distance, the surface of the planet receives a very small amount of sunlight, making the process of finding it using conventional telescopes extremely difficult.

In order to find objects with such a mass, large planets or small black holes, astronomers usually look for unusual distortions of light, which is slightly refracted by the gravitational field of this object. Such anomalies are temporary in nature, since the gravitational lens moves with the object moving along its path.

However, if this object is a small black hole, then it probably should be surrounded by a denser halo of dark matter, extending from it for about a billion kilometers in all directions. In the immediate vicinity of the black hole, according to scientists, unusual interactions between particles of dark matter and particles of dark antimatter should occur, which, when collided, annihilate and generate flashes of gamma rays. Catching these flashes once, which have certain characteristics, and then tracking the movement of their source, you can determine the location and trajectory of movement of even the smallest black hole.

Astronomers and physicists who have made such an unusual assumption about the nature of the ninth planet will soon begin to "sift" the data collected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which, since 2008, has traveled over the entire area more than once. the night sky. These data will search for data on groups of gamma-ray bursts whose sources move like a planet located at a considerable distance from the Sun.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that the hypothesis put forward by scientists may seem to someone "far-fetched." But further research and searches that will be carried out in this direction can give people more information about dark matter and its connection with sources of gamma-ray bursts, which can also be located within the solar system or located in very distant depths of outer space.

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