China has opened the world's longest two-tier bridge

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A few days ago, the longest two-level bridge in the world, which rises above the Yangtze River, was opened in the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei. The value of these huge investments amounted to about 16 billion dollars, and its construction was launched in July 2015.

The official opening of the bridge took place on October 8.

“The bridge will greatly reduce traffic and, in addition, contribute to more sustainable development of the city,” said Vice President of Wuhan Consstruction Investment at the opening ceremony of Lin Chi. “It is a huge success that we were able to complete the work according to preliminary calculations, and all the work went without any obstacles,” he added.

A bridge longer than 16 kilometers has six lanes along which cars and other vehicles can move at speeds from 60 km / h to 80 km / h. Designers also thought about sidewalks and bike paths, which are located on both sides of the structure. In the future, a metro line will pass through the bridge, for which a special place has been reserved (the exact date for the continuation of construction is not yet known).

“Already at the planning stage, we knew that it would be the longest two-level bridge in the world,” adds chief designer Xu Gongyi. – The span of the bridge, which is 1700 meters, despite being 300 meters shorter than that of the Japanese Akashi Kaikyo bridge, however, it is our design that has two levels with the hope of further expansion.

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