Hyundai is developing flying cars

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Electric cars, electric bicycles, electric scooters – have not been a rarity for a long time, but answer your own question – is there at least one auto corporation producing flying cars?

Hyundai has just announced that a company named Javon Sheen has been hired by the company. This is a former NASA engineer specializing in aeronautics. Shin should work in a special division of the company Hyundai, engaged in the development of flying cars.

Javon Sheen will be developing UAMD (Urban Air Mobility Division). This name is simply the term "flying cars" that Hyundai is thinking of. The company intends to invest money and time in the creation of just such alternative modes of transport. Even such a famous concert as Tesla has not yet been able to create something like this. It seems Elon Musk does not even think about it. Now we can safely say that many companies simply underestimate Hyundai.

If the company can create something like this in the coming years, it will be something. After all, the corporation is already investing in the invention, and many do not even think about development at all.

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