A woman allergic to Wi-Fi is something new!

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Rosie Gladwell is a 70-year-old British woman who has discovered hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field caused by Wi-Fi networks.

Hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field is a disease that affects a very small number of people. And although scientists have not yet been able to confirm such a disease, there are people who feel bad around the electromagnetic field generated by wireless networks and mobile phones. One of them is Rosie Gladwell, who herself found this disease in herself 6 years ago. It turned out that after turning off the wireless network in the house, the woman felt better after 10 minutes.

Doctors have not yet given official comments. No one knows if such a disease actually exists or is it all fiction.

Since then, the British has spent thousands of pounds to protect herself from harmful rays. Her latest purchase is a special pound sleeping bag worth £ 400. It was woven from silver and copper and equipped with a special sheet. The bag is wrapped around the whole body. The British thinks that this invention will help her save her health from negative consequences.


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