A car capable of driving an unlimited distance

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In the era of rapid development of emission-free cars, the biggest problem is their driving range. Tesla is still working on optimizing its batteries, and Toyota decided to implement another idea.

As can be seen from the article on the pages of the LA Times, Toyota, in collaboration with the Japanese technology development organization and Sharp, are working on an innovative project.

Its main element should be additional solar panels, capable of an incredibly optimal way to store energy. They should be located on a specially designed body, the shape of which should “attract” the rays as best as possible.

Unlike electric vehicles, this solution will allow you to get complete independence from charging stations, while guaranteeing an almost unlimited range.

At the moment, the company has not reported any details about the new technology in the new type of solar panels. However, if nothing unforeseen happens, maybe we will deal with the biggest breakthrough of our time.

A car whose charging comes only from the sun's rays, can at the same time save energy even for the whole night, without a doubt, it may be the most important discovery of the last decade.


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