It’s not long to wait for the appearance of air taxis

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Volocopter company wishing to conquer the cargo market with its flying taxis announced a fundraiser for the development of the project. Among the investors were companies such as Daimler, Intel and the owner of the Swedish brand Volvo – Chinese Geely.

Volocopter is a company with significant experience in developing such vehicles. The first models of their flying vehicles were previously presented in Dubai and Las Vegas.

The vertical take-off apparatus created on the basis of the drone is powered by electric motors and provides convenient transportation within large cities. The presented models externally resembled a helicopter with screws. To service them, specially designed "hubs" should be used, which should fully automatically control takeoff and landing. It is there that the automatic charging of the batteries will take place.

According to the latest information, Volocopter has already collected more than 85 million euros from investors, of which 50 million was paid by a giant in the automotive industry – the Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

This gigantic injection of funds should be used to accelerate the pace of introducing air taxis for commercial use. According to the assurances of the Volocopter management, the first models should start working after 3 years.

The first available taxi should be the Velocity model – a two-seater electric aircraft weighing 700 kg and a maximum carrying capacity of 200 kg. It can cover a distance of 35 km and be capable of flying at a speed of up to 110 km / h.


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