Apple conference for the first time in history will be broadcast on Youtube

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The Apple conference will be held on September 10, and the giant from Cupertino for the first time plans to provide the broadcast to the public through the YouTube video service. Until now, the giant did not do this and used only its own platform. A few years ago it was quite problematic to watch broadcasts on Apple devices.

Apple has already confirmed that its next conference will be held on September 10. During the event, we expect, first of all, the premiere of new iPhones, but other products will also appear. Interestingly, the company probably doesn’t want anyone to miss the next “event”, and therefore does everything so that everyone can easily connect to the broadcast via Youtube. Recently, not many companies make broadcasts through this service, but it's a pity. After all, the video exchanger provides the opportunity to watch the broadcast without any problems, and after that – put it on the network by editing it before that.


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