Google Drive with Face ID and Touch ID support

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Google Drive in the mobile version of iOS has received an important improvement. From this moment, the biometric security option will appear, that is, Face ID and Touch ID, with which we will protect your files.

The principle of operation is simple. As soon as we open the Google Drive application on iOS or switch to another program and then run Drive again, the program offers us to unlock access using either a fingerprint or a face – that is, using the system, respectively, Touch ID or Face ID. You can, of course, set the time at which the application is unlocked – if only we change programs often, we can simply increase the period between one and the second inclusion.

However, Google recalls that there are some limitations. For example, some Siri features are not protected, so biometric protection is not ideal. It is interesting that the company introduced such functions some time ago, but quickly abandoned them – now they are returning. To use them, you just need to update Google Drive to the latest version of the application.


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