Google Meet free version – wants to compete with Zoom

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Google has made its Meet platform available to everyone. This is the way the American manufacturer struggles with its largest competitor, the Zoom program.

Until now, Google Meet has been offered as a premium service, but the American company is definitely looking to take on part of the currently popular video conferencing market. The official deployment for everyone will be launched in early May of this year, and interested parties will receive an email in their inbox with a message about the launch of the service. As with Zoom, Google allows you to create meeting rooms where you can invite selected people.

The biggest advantage of Google Meet is that no anonymous user can join the meeting created by the individual accounts. Google also encrypts all connection data and allows you to run the service directly from a web browser.

Google Meet, the successor to Hangout, is a service that was created for iOS and Android apps. The tool allows you to conduct video conferences with the number of participants up to 250 people, which makes it a significant competition for the recently popular Zoom.


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