Netgear showed a router with Wi-Fi 6. Price bites

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At the IFA, Netgear showed off its full range of products, including the rather interesting Orbi router. This equipment, which although has good capabilities and also supports Wi-Fi 6, is offered at a considerable price.

Orbi routers first appeared three years ago, and now have received a Wi-Fi 6 update. This means much better signal quality and data transfer speed. In this way, in particular, it will be possible to transmit video in 4K and 8K resolution or play network games with a very low ping.

The equipment, according to the company, should be four times more effective than similar equipment operating in the Wi-Fi network 5. It is worth adding that Orbi is a router based on the so-called Mesh system, that is, an intelligent network.

Unfortunately, the novelty is not cheap. Its price is at the level of 700 dollars. It is worth remembering that Orbi is not the only Netgear equipment that has Wi-Fi 6. The company has already introduced the Nighthawk AX8 – a router that looks like a spaceship and is also compatible with this network standard.


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