Compromising situation for Apple – what is it about?

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The American company agreed to pay compensation in the amount of $ 500 million. It is about intentionally reducing the performance of older iPhones in order to artificially extend battery life.

This story continues from 2017, when it became clear that the American giant deliberately reduces the performance of its old devices. Initially, the company was criticized for applying immoral practices in order to force customers to change their models to new ones. Ultimately, it turned out that these actions were aimed at extending the battery life.

Mass claims and fines imposed have finally entered into force. Although Apple still does not admit the mistake, however, the company decided to go to a settlement and agreed to pay compensation in the amount of up to $ 500 million.

This amount should be distributed among all customers who prove that they are affected by the problem described above. Therefore, if you were the owner at the indicated time, you can safely claim a refund of $ 25.


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