Intel smartphone folds into tablet

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Intel has patented a foldable smartphone with a folding display. The mobile phone folds into a large tablet computer with extremely thin screen edges.

In early 2019, LetsGoDigital published an Intel folding smartphone, which folds into a large tablet. A few months later, during an interview in Japan, Joshua D. Newman, Intel’s general manager for mobile innovation, said that the American manufacturer of microprocessors for PCs is actually engaged in folding technology. At the same time, it was reported that at least two years would pass before Intel really introduced a laptop with a flexible display.

During CES 2020, Intel first demonstrated a prototype foldable PC called the Intel Horseshoe Bend. The product is based on earlier prototypes that the company showed under the name Tiger Rapids and Twin Rivers. This time, a concept laptop was introduced, equipped with one giant 17.3-inch folding OLED screen.

The Horseshoe Bend Hybrid Notebook also has a stand. Intel also introduced a non-working mock keyboard, which can be used in the future with a folding laptop. The keyboard can be attached to the screen with a magnet, leaving the user with a 12.5-inch laptop screen. Thus, you can use both a physical keyboard and a virtual keyboard. A foldable laptop also offers stylus support. Of course, the Horseshoe Bend is equipped with an Intel processor, which uses the new Tiger Lake mobile chipset. An extensive preview of this particular “First look at new foldable laptop PC” device was uploaded to earlier this month.


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