The Japanese are building an 18-meter robot

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Fashion for giant robots in the land of the rising sun has gone a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is there that they are going to create the first, almost 20-meter robot, which … will be able to move by itself.

The fur should weigh more than 25 tons and at the same time thanks to advanced technology is able to move independently. However, due to the large mass, there is no talk of running or complex movements. Most likely, he can only walk.

Together with the robot, a special support system is created, called the Gundam Carrier. She will be responsible for transporting the giant robot and will provide food during the corresponding show.

The project itself is being created at the Gundam factory in Yokohama. The company responsible for its creation announced that the premiere and special show will be held in October this year.


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