Facebook artificial intelligence allows robots to move without maps

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Facebook has developed an interesting solution based on artificial intelligence. He created a robot that doesn’t need maps to move. A special very effective algorithm is responsible for the work. Tests have shown that such a robot can achieve the goal by 99.9% of the time it takes to move without using a map.

Currently, there are already robots that can move without a map, but their navigation leaves much to be desired. Therefore, Facebook has developed a special algorithm called DD-PPO (short for Decentrialized Distributed Proximal Policy Optimization).

The robot created by Facebook works on a new training model that scales well and, therefore, synchronizes. Mark Zuckerberg's company claims that the algorithm has been trained in the field of navigation in the equivalent of 80 years of human movement. This is roughly equivalent to 2.5 billion steps.

Tests showed that the robot is able to move with only 3 percent deviation from a given trajectory. During movement, the algorithm is able to detect and correct errors. Testing was carried out in internal environments and it is now known that using the solution outside will require further work.

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