One type of charger – European Commission new idea

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The European Commission plans to introduce rules that should unify the type of charger for a smartphone. The point is that any of the mobile devices can be charged using the same accessory.

Currently, the most popular charging standards are micro-USB, USB-C, and the Lightning connector. The introduction of one standard universal charger will allow you to abandon the need to buy many cables and accessories for various devices.

Until July 2020, the European Commission intends to submit specific plans and proposals related to the development of a single charger.

Due to the use of several chargers in the EU alone, about 51 thousand tons of electronic waste are generated during each year. This is about 16 kilograms per European.

In 2014, mobile equipment manufacturers were supposed to develop a common charger standard, but this was not done. Now the EU will fight with companies using special rules. Everything should be convenient for consumers and manufacturers.


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