Android auto-complete passwords will provide biometrics

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XDA magicians have reported that Google is working on introducing a new password protection feature to auto-complete passwords in Android. Ultimately, this feature allows you to check the user with each act of using a password.

Better late than never. Although it may seem strange that this has happened only now, the mere fact that Google has submitted work related to the use of biometrics as a password autofill function should console us. The solution is likely to include both fingerprint readers and scanners of the face or iris.

Password autocompletion appeared in Android a few years ago, and I must admit, this feature made a big splash among users. The ability to replenish logins and passwords in applications and websites is a convenience. Unfortunately, the option built into Android had one drawback.

Using autocomplete did not require additional user verification. In principle, it is not required further, but this may change soon. IPhone users are used to it, but Android is new.

It should be said that at the moment, Google has not taken the matter officially. The information comes from XDA Developers and is in the nature of a message describing a company’s new test. We do not yet know when the solution will arrive for all users of new Android smartphones on board. It seems that the tool will be provided on the occasion of the launch of the next major version of the operating system.


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