VISION AVTR – a Mercedes concept inspired by nature

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Presented at CES Mercedes VISION AVTR shows a completely new level of interaction between man, machine and nature. The main inspiration for its creation was the film Avatar, and the prototype itself is a visionary look by German designers on the appearance of cars of the future.

One of the most innovative models in Las Vegas is the Mercedes VISION AVTR, symbolizing the concept of Advanced Vehicle Transformation (Eng. Advanced Vehicle Transformation).

Attention is drawn to the decisions themselves. The vehicle does not have a conventional steering wheel. To control the machine, a person uses a multifunction control in the center console. When placing the hands on the control unit, the interior "comes to life", and the car recognizes the driver based on his heartbeat and breathing. Then simply raise your hand and a menu appears in the palm of your hand, thanks to which the passenger can intuitively choose from various options. 3D graphics are generated in real time. Visual connection between passengers and the outside world creates a curved display module.

The VISION AVTR concept car is the first to use the revolutionary technology of batteries based on organic elements based on graphene, completely free from metals, rare and precious metals. The materials from which the battery is made are subsequently subject to complete recycling.

The VISION AVTR stylistic solution is characterized by a bionic design language inspired by nature. The elongated, athletic shape of the hull is distinguished by pronounced wheel arches. And the large, oval doorway makes the car look like an open sculpture. Transparent door trim provides a feeling of lightness and emphasizes a holistic design approach.

To create the wheels, Mercedes designers used the Soul Tree seeds from the Avatar movie. Thanks to their almost spherical shape, the wheels allow VISION AVTR to perform new movements, as well as provide a small turning radius and minimize the contact area of ​​tires with the ground. All four wheels of the car can change direction. In combination with a certain axis architecture, the vehicle can move not only forward and backward, but also diagonally.

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