HabEx – new Earth-like exoplanet telescope finder

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The goal of the new space mission called Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) will be to find exoplanets suitable for habitation. The mission will use an optical telescope with a mirror larger than the Hubble Space Telescope.

HabEx is going to use the origami technique to block the light of stars, which will allow the detection of exoplanets. The main objective of the HabEx mission is to find Earth-like planets on which life can develop.

The Habx must have a mirror with a diameter of 4 m, while the Hubble telescope has a mirror with a diameter of 2.4 m. This is a key element, because with it, observations of distant objects will be possible.

HabEx should be one of the building blocks of the New Worlds project. NASA is about to choose the final device by 2021. Its launch is planned for the early 30s of this century, and the cost is at least $ 7 billion.

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