CES 2020: Samsung's covert display of a laptop with a sliding screen

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According to Korean media reports, Samsung has shown an unusual laptop behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is a laptop with a sliding screen, which was patented in December 2018.

At exhibitions, manufacturers often present prototypes that do not necessarily wait for market entry. Some inventions are not ready enough to be demonstrated to the general public. Samsung decided this year to show selected guests equipment that could change the way we use laptops. This is a laptop with a sliding screen.

According to Korean media, this device is equipped with a 13.3-inch display, which is able to increase its area by 50%. A flexible screen will stretch on the sides, thereby changing its proportion to ultra-panoramic. Such a laptop will be interesting not only for gamers who prefer such proportions, but also for moviegoers and all computer users who work in multiple windows.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether a laptop with a sliding screen will appear on the market this year. Since Samsung chose the form of a closed display, most likely the device has not yet left the early stage of the prototype. However, it is worth recalling that the Korean manufacturer has been working on this equipment since at least December 2018. Then the design was patented.


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