Is this a smartphone? Top 5 most unusual innovative mobile devices

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As soon as the public got used to the “smart” phones, capable of performing dozens of various useful functions, smartphones began to appear on the market, which, in addition to opportunities, shock their appearance and origin.

Manufacturers began to work actively on the creation of devices with three cameras, mobile phones in a flexible case, “hybrid” gadgets that combine the functions of a phone and, for example, a thermal imager. In the meantime, you can buy just a functional smartphone at

Thomson alo

The most unusual modern smartphone is rightfully recognized as a gadget announced in 2016, which is a combination of a mobile phone and an electronic cigarette. In addition to it, there are dozens of other, no less original mobile devices.

Amazing and even strange: which smartphones are considered the most unusual

In addition to a smartphone that can be smoked, users are surprised by:

Thomson ALO. A completely transparent device, in which at first glance it is almost impossible to recognize a smartphone, there is not a single mechanical button on its surface, and touch controls are also missing. However, the gadget performs the functions of a communication device with a bang, and you can control it with the help of a voice assistant.
ChangHong H1. Visually, it is practically no different from conventional phones. But the functionality is shocking. The device allows you to take a blood test at home absolutely free – for this, its design even has a special slot.
Lenovo Smart Cast. A projector phone that also looks almost like a regular smartphone. Although, you can still distinguish it from most mobile phones. Even with the naked eye you can see the rotary module located in the upper part of the case. This is a mini projector with an infrared sensor.
Escobar Fold 1. A flexible gadget introduced by Roberto Escobar – the brother of the world famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. The "filling" of the smartphone is decent: a fast Snapdragon 8150 processor, Full-HD display, an energy-efficient graphics adapter and a capacious battery. The cost of the model is unexpectedly affordable – approximately 350 US dollars.

It is very likely that soon other devices will claim the title of the most original smartphone. What exactly are going to surprise users with mobile device manufacturers in the foreseeable future – one can only guess.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo with two screens arrived in Ukraine, and the prices for iPhone 11, iPad 10.2 of the 7th generation and Watch Series 5 are also known.

At the same time, Privatbank launched FacePay24 – payment by face and will monitor customer behavior.

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