HoloLens 2 officially appeared – Microsoft introduces new AR glasses

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Microsoft has finally officially unveiled a new generation of its virtual reality glasses. HoloLens 2 is already available for sale to all comers, although this product is more likely for enterprises and professionals than for the general consumer.

You have to pay for points – a “trifle” – $ 3,500. Microsoft indicated in a press statement that the device would be more user friendly. They tried to make sure that no one experienced problems with the operation of this device. Of course, this was a rather big problem due to the fact that new functions were added, because AR / MR glasses.

The main feature of the new glasses from Microsoft is the increased share of artificial intelligence, as well as additionally created holograms. The equipment weighs a little less and at the same time has a wonderful viewing angle. Moreover, the design is already configured so that people who wear ordinary glasses can use the device.


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