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NASA engineer proposed the idea of ​​an “impossible screw engine” capable of accelerating a spacecraft to light speed

Each action causes a counter-force equal in strength – this is the principle due to which all modern rockets and spacecraft fly, throwing the products of fuel combustion in one direction and moving in the opposite direction. But David Burns, an engineer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, came up with a very original idea, […]

Samsung smartphones instead of a payment terminal: the new system will soon work

Samsung POS is a new system that Koreans have experienced for some time. Thanks to a special application, Galaxy smartphones with a built-in NFC module can now act as a terminal that will accept payments by cards or other available services. Samsung POS allows you to turn Galaxy smartphones into payment terminals. A pilot project […]

New from Google – Voice Recorder App

At the Google conference, the Google Recorder application is presented, that is, just a voice recorder. Its capabilities go beyond what we are used to using programs of this type. By default, Google Recorder should hit Pixel 4 devices and most likely appear on Google Play. At the moment, we can install a stable trial […]

The company, founded by the brother of Pablo Escobar, wants to sue Ilona Mask

Roberto De Jesus Escobar, that is, the brother of drug boss boss Pablo Escobar and former accountant of the Medellín cartel, announced that he intends to sue Ilona Mask. The 72-year-old Colombian claims that the company Ilona Mask stole from him an idea related to the production and sale of fire throwers. In an interview […]

It became known when certain models of Xiaomi smartphones will be able to upgrade to MIUI 11

Updating to the latest version will begin in October and will last until December of this year. Recently, MIUI 11 was officially unveiled. The firmware waited for a new external user view and interface. The appearance of the icons will also be changed. The proposal will appear in waves, and the update will start on […]

Microsoft warns: support period for Office 2010 will end soon

Everything changes in life, now we all use Windows 10 and don’t even think about the fact that the same thing happened with Windows 7 with this operating system. Interesting information has emerged regarding office suites, as Microsoft Office 2010 will not be officially supported by Microsoft in the near future. Office 2010 users can […]

The Vatican introduced the "electronic rosary" in the form of a bracelet

The authorities of the Catholic Church are trying in various ways to encourage young Christians, trying to find themselves in the world of new technologies. The last offer is an interactive rosary in the form of a bracelet. The purpose of using this device, of course, is to disseminate the popularity of Rosary prayers throughout […]

Android users have downloaded more applications than iPhone owners

The analytical company AppAnnie published a new report showing the status of two sites with mobile applications: Google Play Store and App Store. It shows the greater activity of Android device owners in the matter of downloading the application, but it seems that Android owners have brought much less money than iPhone users. The new […]

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