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Lenovo Yoga X – Android-tablet, which should act as an additional screen

Lenovo Yoga X is the new Android tablet, the information about which became available thanks to the leak. Designed as an extra screen for other hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, and even the Nintendo Switch console. Evana Blass, which many people know by the nickname Evleaks, posted the image of this gadget on the Internet. […]

Samsung Galaxy will be released soon without Qualcomm Snapdragon

Information has appeared on the Internet that the next generation of Samsung flagships in the Galaxy S series can use only one type of processor. Samsung currently uses two chip models with which it ships flagship smartphones. Models designed for the European market use the Exynos chip, while models designed for the US market come […]

Physicists for the first time managed to achieve a “branching” light distribution

The image you see just above is very similar to a satellite image of the delta of some large river, when the main channel begins to divide into smaller channels and channels, which, in turn, are divided into even smaller ones. Something similar can occur during the propagation of waves in a certain medium, such […]

New renderings of Huawei Enjoy 20 have leaked

Huawei Enjoy 20 has been talked about for some time. The phone could theoretically officially appear on July 26th. The next renderings of this device became available. The smartphone will receive a 6.63-inch IPS LCD screen with FHD + resolution and, interestingly, without indenting the screen for a selfie camera. On the side is a […]

New Google Nest on the first photo and video

Google will soon introduce the new Nest speaker in the lineup, which will succeed the first-generation Home model. We have the opportunity to see a photo and a short video dedicated to the new product. Its specification or features remain a mystery. Only the appearance of the new speaker is known. Google has been working […]

Well-known company was forced to "kill" its technology

Logitech will abandon its project – a remote control for voice assistant Alexa. After September 30, this gadget will become almost useless. Logitech explains its decision by the lack of “meeting the relevant expectations” of the manufacturer. Will this news also be disastrous for those people who spent $ 250 buying Harmony Express? It turns […]

BionicSwifts – Festo's new robot bird demonstrating extraordinary graceful flight

On the pages of our site we often spoke about the creations of engineers of the German company Festo, specializing in the field of industrial automation systems. These creations are a vivid demonstration of attempts to go beyond the capabilities of modern robotic technologies through the use of bio-inspired solutions, due to which robots-birds, butterflies, […]

Ideal for a podcast – the concept of a desktop camera that will make you a great vlogger! (Photo)

At the moment the pandemic began, it became clear that many media companies transferred their employees, as they say now, to a remote site. But as soon as journalists and presenters started working from home, they began to look strange on their iPhone cameras, and the drawbacks of using AirPods to record sound compared to […]

The new version of iOS with an annoying bug. Popular service causes battery drain

Users of Apple smartphones running iOS version 13.5.1 are faced with an unpleasant problem that interferes with the proper functioning of the device. We are talking about excessive battery consumption when using Apple Music. Users of iPhones equipped with iOS version 13.5.1 report a rather unusual problem caused by the latest update to this system. […]

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