Sony Introduces New Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Sony introduced the WF-XB700 in-ear headphones, which boast the use of Extra Bass technology. For a novelty, you have to pay decent money. Sony's new wireless headphones are expected to respond to offers from Apple and Samsung. The accessory was valued at the equivalent of $ 129 and for this money offers as much as […]

The use of spin capacitors will allow to obtain information storage density at the level of 100 terabytes per square inch

A group of scientists from the University of Leeds, UK, created a device that can be called a spin capacitor, in the depths of which the spin of a group of electrons (the moment of their rotation) can remain for several hours. For comparison, other previously created similar devices were able to maintain the electron […]

Facebook launches messenger app for macOS and Windows

Facebook launches the official messenger app. People with computers running Windows or macOS will be able to use it. The Facebook Messenger app is a standalone messenger that can work independently of a web browser. Facebook said last month that there has been a one hundred percent increase in the number of people using the […]

This greenhouse can be attached to the side wall of your refrigerator!

Pico is a tiny, self-contained, self-polishing greenhouse with its own lighting device that is portable enough to fit anywhere in the smallest apartment. Pico is designed to be convenient and portable. Why is this so important, you ask? Because most people do not like the idea of ​​a garden, as it sounds “dirty.” The Pico […]

Flexible clamshell Motorola razr and a new delivery format Foxtrot – the most interesting news of the week

lifecell provides “Emergency BiP virtual number” for 1 hryvnia To optimize the cost of voice communications, lifecell offers Ukrainians abroad the “BiP Emergency Virtual Number” service. This functionality of the BiP messenger allows subscribers who can now be located outside the country to receive and make calls from the Ukrainian number, but without the presence […]

Skype presents Meet Now. Calls without logging in

Due to the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the number of video links has increased significantly. One of the applications with such features, of course, is Skype. Now this program has received a new feature that will allow you to connect to other people even faster. The hit of the last weeks was the Zoom program, […]

Can coronavirus can overcome up to eight meters? Opinions of American Scientists

Two meters is not enough to protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2 infection. So says a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Authorities around the world are convinced that home quarantine and social exclusion are the best way to suppress the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Lidia Buruiba from MIT for many years has been analyzing the […]

A nanoplasma device has been created, the speed of which is 100 times the speed of transistors

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne (Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL) have developed a nanodevice that is 10 times faster than the fastest modern transistors, and in relation to conventional silicon transistors used in computer chips, they demonstrate 100- multiple advantage in speed. This nanodevice is capable of generating terahertz […]

Clamshell Motorola razr comes back with two screens

The legendary clamshell motorola razr returns to the Ukrainian market. Motorola brand together with Allo announce the opening of a pre-order for a cult smartphone. Motorola razr is so familiar, but completely unique. The world's first flexible-screen phone that emphasizes the individuality of its owner. Enjoy the brand new and unique impressions of razr, emotions […]

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