Microsoft Teams is getting new features. Among them are backgrounds for video chats

Microsoft Teams is still in development and further changes were announced this week. These include video chat functions, which introduce the ability to set the background. At the moment, however, there is no way to upload your own image. However, we know that this option will also be added over time. Microsoft Teams is an […]

How to set up mobile internet on Android?

The Internet in a smartphone or tablet is absolutely necessary, because most applications work online, and without instant messengers and social networks it is already impossible to imagine a mobile device. Therefore, the question arises of how to connect your phone or tablet to the Internet as part of a mobile service package in order […]

CERN will create inexpensive respirators for patients with COVID-19

Physicists at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) are working on a simple respirator for people with mild illness and those recovering from an infection. The battery-powered model should be ready for hospital testing in the next few weeks. CERN is a research center located in the northwestern suburb of Geneva on the border of […]

LG smartphones with multiple screens will be complemented by the “Whale” browser from “NAVER”

LG Electronics (LG) and NAVER, the largest search engine operator in South Korea, have developed the Whale browser, which is optimized for use on the dual screen of LG smartphones, taking multitasking to a whole new level. The Whale Browser, based on the open source Chromium Browser, supports what NAVER calls “multitasking” —the ability to […]

iPhone 12 – there is information worthy of attention

The latest leak sheds a little more light on Apple’s highly anticipated phone. An image posted on Twitter by @choco_bit shows the front and back sides of the alleged iPhone 12. It follows that this mobile device will have a noticeably smaller Notch relative to its predecessor. Of course, given that the image posted in […]

NASA wants to place a huge radio telescope on the dark side of the moon

NASA has an ambitious plan to build a large radio telescope. However, this time not on Earth, but in the large crater of the Silver Globe. The American space agency wants to place such a radio telescope on the dark side of the moon, that is, invisible from our planet. NASA is funding new projects, […]

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