US works on more advanced face recognition

Thanks to machine learning, the U.S. Army can use advanced face recognition technology. According to New Scientist, the US military is funding the creation of a portable face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of 1 kilometer. None of the technologies currently available work in such an advanced way. The project was […]

Jaguar and Land Rover unveil a vision of autonomous city transport

Achieving zero emissions is one of the missions for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. For this purpose, they decided to introduce a new concept car – Project Vector. The prototype was developed at the National Automobile Innovation Center at the University of Warwick in the UK with the participation of academic and industry partners. […]

Vivo iQOO 3 5G latest teaser – this is a gadget unboxing video

Vivo iQOO 3 5G will be presented on February 25 and just before this event, the company presented it in the official “practical” video. It should be said that you can’t make out the phone, because it is blurry when in the frame. However, thanks to recent phone images and renders, we know how it […]

Japanese companies are working on new batteries for hybrid vehicles

Two Japanese companies – Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Industries Corporation – have announced that they will work together on new batteries that will be used in hybrid cars. By the way, it should be borne in mind that cars that are purely electric are only part, because by far the most popular segment that […]

The CHIME radio telescope recorded fast radio pulses repeating exactly after 16 days

The CHIME radio telescope, located in Canada, found a source that generates fast radio bursts (FRB) with a frequency of once every 16 earth days. And this source, FRB 180916.J0158 + 65, is the first known in the history of science, the pulses from which follow constantly with a fairly stable period. We remind our […]

Elon Musk wants to regulate artificial intelligence

Elon Musk warns once again against artificial intelligence. The head of SpaceX and Tesla wants him settled. Elon Musk spoke about his concerns on the occasion, talking about the OpenAI non-profit initiative engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence. This time, the entrepreneur wants this type of technology to be more regulated. According […]

Hans Zimmer makes the sound for BMW electric cars

Electric cars are almost silent, so they should be equipped with artificially created sounds. BMW collaborates with Hans Zimmer to create these sounds. Electric vehicles, in accordance with EU law, are required to produce a louder sound, reminiscent of engine operation. The reason is the notification of pedestrians and other road users about a riding […]

Is the real Iron Man getting closer and closer? Jetman Dubai – new altitude record (4K video)

Work on jetpacks that allow you to fly independently does not stop, and more and more information is coming to the network about subsequent record achievements of this type of equipment. A significant feat the other day was made, for example, by Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai, who took off at an impressive height on […]

Huawei announces a new folding start-up at a virtual press conference in Barcelona on February 24

Huawei has officially confirmed that it will hold a virtual press conference in Barcelona on February 24 at 15:00 CET. This makes her the first company to officially confirm the Barcelona event after GSMA canceled the MWC 2020. The company calls it a virtual press conference because it will show a pre-recorded keynote at an […]

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